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National Precast Concrete Association
Thursday, February 4, 2016

A.C Miller is proud member of NPCA. We were featured back 2014 on the National Precast Concrete Association blog. NPCA sat down with our own Dave Gautreau, general manager; Ramzi Kawar, executive vice president; and Mike Buchan, vice president. Here are a few Snippets from that interview: 

Q: How have the relationships you’ve developed through NPCA membership impacted your business?
A: Kawar: Interaction with fellow member precasters and supplier members of the NPCA has allowed us to explore and implement new ideas that have helped us grow our business. While we compete with fellow members, there is also a collegial feel to the organization because we’re all trying to promote our industry. Best practices help us all succeed.
Buchan: Being an NPCA member and having all our plants certified in the NPCA Plant Certification Program generates many opportunities for us in both public and private work.
Q: What drives you and your employees to produce quality precast concrete products?
A: Kawar: It may sound a bit cliché, but we have always been driven by a commitment to our customers. In our view, that means providing quality products and superior services to make our customers’ lives easier. Precast is an ideal solution. We never want to turn into a headache for our customers.
Buchan: We need to produce products that yield strength, durability, fit and appearance that rival competing methods of construction to earn broad acceptance by owners, engineers, architects and public works departments. Employees are driven by pride in their workmanship which can be maximized by identifying and rewarding their achievements.
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