A.C. Miller Concrete Products, Inc. has been in business for over fifty-five years. Concentrating on the demands of regional utility companies, we pride ourselves in supplying electric, telecommunication, transportation, drainage/inlet/storm products and a wide array of other precast concrete products, including custom design-built products. We also supply factory-assembled water meter pits, valve vaults, and pump stations to the water transmission and wastewater markets.

Our Mission:

From day one our mission has been to provide our customers with quality products and superior service. Let's be honest, most companies that strive for longevity and success have the same mission ideals. So what differentiates A.C. Miller? We've expanded our idea of quality beyond just the physical product. We want your whole interaction with A.C. Miller to be marked with quality experiences – from the time you receive our quote, to the delivery of the product. To that end, we've assembled a team of professionals dedicated to make that happen. On the odd occasion when we fall short of your expectations, please let us know – for we will never take our customers for granted.


Our well-trained and knowledgeable veteran sales force brings to the industry many years of experience. Our regional representatives are available to assist and visit your job site or office, not only in bidding projects, but in all aspects of the job, from product development to site delivery.

Customer Service:

After your order is placed, our customer service department is ready to keep you informed of the progress of your order from beginning until delivery of your product. Remember, checking the status of your order is just a phone call or email away.