A.C. Miller Concrete Products, Inc. has been in business for over forty years. Concentrating on the demands of the regional utility companies, A.C. Miller Concrete Products, Inc. prides itself in supplying the major electric, telephone, transportation and gas companies with a wide variety of precast concrete products. We also supply factory-assembled water meter pits, valve vaults, pump stations, to the water transmission and wastewater markets.

Our Spring City plant is located 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our Blairsville plant is located approximately 40 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
featured photo "Flood City" rebuilds historic bridge
The original Walnut Street Bridge spanning the Little Conemaugh River in downtown Johnstown, PA was built in 1917 after the Great Flood of 1889. A. C. Miller Concrete was contracted to fabricate decorative precast concrete fascia panels that replicate the appearance of the original concrete arches of the bridge and conceal the pre-stressed concrete box beams.
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