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Sight / Sound Wall

Sight & Sound Wall

Sight & Sound Walls serve as both a visual and noise barrier and are available in a wide range of sizes. Walls are available with a variety of finishes, textures, colors and patterns to meet specific project needs.


Sight walls are concrete wall systems consisting of columns and precast wall panels that provide a privacy barrier to commercial, retail, and residential communities.


– Privacy

– Retail

– Residential communities

– Commercial buildings

– Public works

– Roadways

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Sound walls are highly durable and easy to install.  They come in a wide variety of designs and can be customized to provide the look you want. These walls provide an aesthetically appealing and convenient option to meet your privacy needs.

Sound walls provide a barrier from noise such as from a busy street or railroad tracks.  These aesthetically appealing wall systems are composed of columns and precast panels that come in a variety of designs.  Custom designs are also available.  These solutions are commonly implemented in residential or commercial areas and provide a convenient, cost effective, and durable solution for mitigating undesirable sounds.