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A.C. Miller provides a broad range of quality precast products


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What types of pre-cast concrete do you supply?

Utility: Standard and custom precast concrete vault solutions, high-capacity utility trenches, above-ground utility buildings, transformer fire-protection systems, lightweight hand-holes, and light standards.


Drainage: Box and trench culverts, train station platforms, short-span bridge systems, and exodermic bridge panel systems.


Water/Wastewater: Water meter pits, turnkey pump stations, valve vaults, and pump station control buildings.


Storm Water: Inlets and Accessories.


Custom: We have the capability to custom design build a variety of products within our line. These include custom utility vaults, pump stations, meter pits, above ground buildings, bridge systems, and roadway slabs.

Delivery FAQs

What is Ready to Ship (RTS) Date?

Your Ready to Ship (RTS) date is the date that your order is available to schedule for delivery. (Orders with multiple pieces may have multiple RTS dates). YOUR RTS DATE IS NOT A CONFIRMED DELIVERY DATE. You need to contact Dispatch to schedule your delivery. Customer Service is the only department that can provide you with a confirmed RTS date.


For inquiries about delivery date(s) call our Dispatcher:

A.C. Miller East: 610-948-4600 Ext. 234

A.C. Miller West: 724-459-5950 Ext. 319

Please reference your company name and sales order number (listed on your order) when you call. You can only request to schedule your delivery on and after your Ready to Ship (RTS) date. Your delivery will be scheduled based upon availability.


Will I receive a confirmation call?

No. You will receive a verbal confirmation when you call to schedule your delivery. No further reminder or confirmation calls will be made. You may contact Dispatch at any time to confirm your scheduled delivery.


What is your delivery cancellation policy?

Due to the time it takes to schedule, load and deliver an order, you must contact Dispatch by 9 AM on THE DAY BEFORE your delivery to avoid additional charges.

Ordering FAQs

How do I place an order?

Sign the quote or use purchase order (P.O.) and fax to the sales representative that quoted your job.


When will my order be ready for delivery?

Your order will be acknowledged by Customer Service once the job is scheduled.


How do I make a change to my order?

To make a change to your order, please contact your Account Manager.

Schematics & Custom Drawings FAQs

Where can I find standard drawings?

Standard drawings can be found in our products section.

An order must be placed with Sales prior to receiving any custom drawings.


How do I request custom drawings?

An order must be placed with Sales prior to receiving any custom drawings.


Is there a charge for custom design calculations?

Yes. Contact your salesman for appropriate charges.


Who do I contact regarding my submittals?

Contact the draftsman listed on the pending approval cover letter (sent to you once order is processed and assigned to our technical service department) or you can contact customer service.

How much does my product weigh?

Weights are listed on the prints. You may also contact Technical Service for weight information.

Job Site FAQs

Who do I contact if I have concerns about site access issues?

Contact your salesperson to schedule a site walk through. As stated in our Terms and Conditions: All quotations for delivery and setting products assume accessibility and suitability for the safe operation of our equipment under its own power. This determination is for A.C. Miller Concrete Products, Inc. drivers alone and we assume no liabilities if the above is not adhered to. Purchaser is responsible for all job conditions, including access to excavation, labor to place vaults, etc.


How long will the delivery trucks be on my job site?

The time it takes to set a piece in the ground depends upon the type of vault, site preparation, access to site, the size of your crew, etc. However, the maximum time it should take to unload is two hours. Any time over the allotted two hours will be billed the current rate per truck per hour.


Who do I contact if there is an issue when the delivery is being made at the job site?

Contact Dispatch to discuss your delivery issue:
A.C. Miller East: 610-948-4600 Ext. 234
A.C. Miller West: 724-459-5950 Ext. 319

How do I check the status of my order?

Contact Customer Service:

A.C. Miller East: 610-948-4600 at Ext. 217 or 220
A.C. Miller West: 724-459-5950 at Ext. 318

Where do I send/deliver my customer-supplied parts?

Send them to Receiving:

A.C. Miller East Spring City
31 E. Bridge Street, P.O. Box 19, Spring City, PA 19475-1404.
Call: 610-948-4600 Ext. 235

A.C. Miller West Blairsville
9558 Route 22, Blairsville, PA 15717.
Call: 724-459-5950 Ext. 320

Please be sure to label all parts with your company name and sales order number.

Billing FAQs

Who do I contact regarding invoicing issues?

Contact the Accounts Receivables at 610.948.4600 Ext. 201


Who do I contact if I received the incorrect item?

Contact Customer Service to discuss your concern:
A.C. Miller East: 610-948-4600 Ext. 217 or 220
A.C. Miller West: 724-459-5950 Ext. 318


How do I schedule a return?

Contact Customer Service to discuss the terms of your return.
A.C. Miller East: 610-948-4600 Ext. 217 or 220
A.C. Miller West: 724-459-5950 Ext. 318

The terms of a return must be discussed and agreed upon prior to scheduling or accepting a return. As per our Terms and Conditions: Freight and handling will be charged on all returned goods except items returned under warranty and in these Terms and Conditions.

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